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Our Restaurant

"Yakitori Rokkaku" located at about the same distance from BTS Asoke Station and Phrom Phong Station

We have wine as well as sake and shochu, and we have a wide selection of sake dishes that match it.

When you open the entrance door, there are 12 counter seats, 2 private rooms on the 1st floor, and 3 rooms on the 2nd floor.

We recommend that you can see the soba noodles in front of you at the spacious counter seats and enjoy talking with the chef.


Our commitment


Carefully selected ingredients

The Rokkaku style is particular about how well the yakitori is grilled and how the skewers are prepared. Every day we use what we have grown that day.


Omakase Style

We offer grilled foods according to the pace of our customers so that they can enjoy the deliciousness.


Home Omakase

Home Omakase is a business trip chef service developed in Thailand. A first-class chef will visit a private space where you can rest assured, and will cook, serve, serve, and clean up the ingredients carefully selected by the chef.

Use the food and hospitality of a first-class chef as a family anniversary, dinner, home party or as a gift for your loved ones.

We will provide the best service for each customer.

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